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To try out the WebXR technology ourselves, we developed a game in a span of 10 days. We call it "Mouse Defense", the game takes place on a farm that has become overridden with mice 🐭🐭🐭. The objective of the game is to do some pest control and save the farm! The player is tasked with shooting all the mice as they appear to win the game. Take note that as you clear the pests, the remaining mice will speed up become harder to take out!

The game was developed using the Wonderland Engine editor, which is a development platform for web-based, AR/VR applications. It comes with an accessible 3D editor application – the Wonderland Editor – and an efficient WebAssembly-based runtime that runs in the browser.

We have also shared the game demo code on GitHub. If you are interested in looking over the logic behind the game, you can check it out below 👇. With no prior experience, we've found that it is quite easy to build a WebXR game and we hope you'd give it a try!

To experience the game for yourself, please put on a WebXR-ready VR device (Quest 2, Quest Pro, Huawei VR Glass, Pico, Vive), visit exposeXR.com using a VR browser like Quest Browser or Wolvic, and launch the experience.

Download from GitHub

GitHub Demo Code & Video

Get the demo code: github.com/hms-ecosystem/Wonderland-Demo

Watch the code development video.
Introduction (6 mins.)
Development (14 mins.)

Wonderland Engine

Wonderland Engine

Click here to download the editor.
Supported OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux



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